Maurice Stevens


A Private View. Watercolour 21cm x 22cm Ann Pondering.acrylic 50cm x 50cm NFS Vase of Daffodils. Watercolour. SOLD As The Crow Flies. Watercolour 18cm x 35cm Brighton West Pier on fire. Watercolour 23cm x 33cm Home stretch Aintree. Acrylic 20cm x 29cm Gateway to Stables. Watercolour 20cm x 33cm Fleurs, Provence. Watercolour. Sold Sunlight & Cobblestones. Watercolour. Sold Burdfield's  Country Market Store. Watercolour. SOLD Eros London. Acrylic 21cm x 38cm St Mark's Square Venice. Watercolour 28cm x 36cm Lone Fisherman. Acrylic 32cm x 24cm Low Tide at Bosham, Watercolour.32cm x 22cm My Village. Watercolour  21cm x 28cm Paved Court Richmond. Watercolour. Sold Pinewwod Walk. Watercolour 35cm x 26cm Wet, Wintery Westminster. Watercolour. 22cm x 30cm Sussex Oaks. Watercolour. 22cm x 29cm Simonette. Acrylic. NFS Stan Laurel. Acrylic 21cm x 28cm Oliver Hardy. Acrylic 21cm X 28cm Tall woman at ease. Watercolour Lotus lady. Watercolour Self  portrait. Acrylic. NFS

This selection of images shows a wide range of content as I am interested and inspired by all things that surround me. My approach to painting owes much to the experience gained during my work in films – both as a storyboard artist and a live action director. Cinematography, looking through a variety of camera lenses, the aesthetics of composition and seeing the effect of light and colour on my chosen subject matter has been an inherent influence. At the same time, I try to avoid a ‘photographic’ look, letting the nature of the medium dictate how I can create a fluent, spontaneous personal style, especially when using watercolour. I also paint with acrylic, a different discipline, somewhat akin to oil painting in technique, and with which I constantly experiment. Acrylic is my medium of choice in portraiture.